Hotel Plan Bois - Pila

The rooms

Traditional Valdostan rooms

31 rooms tailored to your needs

Relaxation, harmony, tradition

Each room is tastefully furnished, with a touch of elegance and warmth that will make you feel at home. Our traditional rooms are equipped with all modern amenities to ensure maximum comfort during your stay. With cozy beds, quality linens, and spacious relaxation areas, you can rest and recharge after a day of exploring Pila and its surroundings.

Hotel Plan Bois - Le camere

Your awakening

Living nature

Waking up immersed in nature is an experience that nourishes the soul and awakens the senses. The birdsong blends with the whisper of leaves moved by the wind, while the first rays of the sun paint the sky with warm and welcoming hues.

Comfortable bed

A spacious and welcoming bed is essential to ensure a good rest for guests.

Flat-screen TV

A modern television with a variety of channels to entertain guests during leisure time.


Wireless internet connection available to allow guests to stay connected during their stay.

Other services

Toiletry set, room service, hairdryer, air conditioning, desk.

To rest. Sometimes it refers to a 'settling down,' like a seed or a leaf does after a long journey.

Fabrizio Caramagna