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Welcome to Pila, where summer reveals a timeless outdoor paradise. Nestled among the peaks of the Italian Alps, this enchanting location offers a wide variety of activities for nature and adventure lovers alike. Hike breathtaking trails through alpine meadows and ancient forests, or cycle to explore the stunning panoramas of the surrounding mountains

Hotel Plan Bois - Outdoor

During summer


Discover summer in Pila: a charming mountain retreat where outdoor adventures blend with alpine tranquility. Explore scenic trails, challenge yourself with rock climbing, or bike through breathtaking landscapes. From paragliding flights to land excursions, Pila offers a wide range of activities to satisfy every desire.

Open air

Explore scenic trails discovering nature, join guided hikes, or venture on thrilling mountain bike rides.

Summer walks

Summer walks are an opportunity to immerse oneself in the lush and refreshing nature of the mountains.

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With our offers, you can enjoy your activities at affordable prices. Whether you're passionate about hiking, skiing, e-biking, or trekking.

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Providing guests with equipment rental services for outdoor activities is convenient.

Don't forget that the Earth likes to feel your bare feet and the wind likes to play with your hair

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