Hotel Plan Bois - Pila

The restaurant

Taste and tradition from Aosta Valley

The flavors of local cuisine

savoring a good wine glass

Our restaurant is a true celebration of local and international flavors. Our staff creates refined dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring a memorable gastronomic experience with every bite.

ristorante a Pila

Traditional local products

Aosta Valley

Our dishes are a tribute to the richness of our regional products and the skill of our chefs, who with passion and dedication bring authentic delicacies to the table, passed down through generations.

Local products

A typical Valdostan restaurant stands out for its use of fresh, high-quality local ingredients.

Traditional dishes

The restaurant menu features a selection of traditional Valdostan dishes, such as fondue, polenta concia...

Creative cuisine

While remaining faithful to tradition, the typical Valdostan restaurant can also offer creative cuisine.

Warm welcome

The restaurant staff welcomes customers with warm hospitality, offering attentive and professional service.

Wine is one of humanity's greatest achievements, transforming a perishable fruit into something permanent.

Jean Arlott